Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one has been recently arrested or detained the following steps are critical in regards the defense of your case. One of the most important decisions to make is your legal representation. In Florida, you can be represented by yourself (pro-se), a private attorney (a licensed attorney in Florida you hire and pay to represent you), or an Assistant Public Defender. An Assistant Public Defender is designed for people of limited means and the court must assess your income to determine if you qualify for an APD or not.

A good fit for you is a lawyer who is available, and ready to get back in contact with you. All attorneys are considered competent under the law to represent a person, however, only some specific attorneys have the experience, knowledge, expertise, and more importantly the compassion to assist in periods of urgent need like in a criminal case setting. Another valuable, and strategic idea is to hire an attorney who speaks your language.

Attorney Monrouzeau has litigated thousands of criminal hearings in front of Judges in Central Florida at the county and circuit level. In Florida the circuit court handles all kinds of felonies, while the county court handles the misdemeanors and the low level criminal traffic cases.