The United States Customs and Immigration System (USCIS) is the key agency that affords immigrants and non-immigrants the mechanism to obtain legal status in the US.

US legal residents and of course, US Citizens are allowed to sponsor immigrants to obtain visas up to citizenship.

Immigration law is generally divided among the following practice areas:

  • Citizenship
    • Naturalization
    • Green Card
    • Conditional Permanent Resident
  • Visas
    • Immigrant
    • Non-immigrant
    • Student
  • Family
    • Marriage visa
    • Fiance
  • Business
    • Work visa
    • Investor
  • Asylum
    • Class or group

Our office is equipped to assist in all of your immigration needs. However, despite the above-mentioned practices our office can also assist in matters of deportation. Often times, people are in need of an immigration lawyer to assist in the defense of deportation matters, arguing for a bond, relief from removal, and orders of supervision.